To you, the travelling golfer

who sets foot on the golf course to compete
against your mind.

Yes, you

The one who plays to enjoy, concentrate and
overcome one challenge after another.

We speak your language.

See that picture? We didn't get it from an image bank, it's the three of us giving it our all out on the course.
We are more than a bespoke golf travel agency - we're golfers who have created the perfect search engine to personalise every aspect of your golf breaks (and ours!)

Elen Ober

I confess that I love playing golf so much that I am capable of shooting 140 balls in an afternoon until I feel satisfied. It keeps me awake, it challenges me, it fills me up.

I created because I was fed up of trying to book my golf trips online without finding an immediate option. If I choose a destination I want confirmation NOW. And that’s exactly what we offer: tailor-made golf trips, no waiting.

I have more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry and have worked for large European tour operators, managing teams of more than 50 people.

Those who know me know that my mind is racing, it is a constant brainstorming. But if stands out for anything, it’s for having a close-knit, experienced team that loves golf as much as you do.

When I play golf I feel...

So many things! Satisfaction when I achieve my goals, frustration when I fail with an infinite desire to improve my game.

My handicap is....

I'm so competitive that until I get down to SD I'm not going to tell you.

My favourite destination to play is....

Canary Islands

Knut Klausen
Nordic Sales

You know that feeling of wanting more? More courses, more tournaments, more play. A decade ago I started playing golf with the idea of staying active outdoors, and that decision changed everything.

I enjoy watching professional golf and improving every aspect of my game. So I know how you feel when you think about travelling and discovering what challenges await you at each destination.

When it comes to work, my favourite word is strategy”. I have always been a businessman, and since 1985, I have created and sold more than 30 companies.

Being part of brings together everything I love: golf, entrepreneurship, ethics and a team that believes in what they do.

When I play golf I feel...

For me playing golf is addictive, as soon as I finish one course I already start to think about the next one

My handicap is....

5.5 Hcp and improving 😉

My favourite destination to play is....

The United States

Javier Ramírez
Sales Consulting

I imagine this has happened to many of us. You sign up for golf lessons and think: “I’m just going to try it out”, but you end up totally hooked. To practice, to discover new courses, to play in tournaments, to improve yourself.

Tourism has been linked to my professional life for 30 years. I have been sales and operations manager in important hotel chains. I have also been sales director, helping to position the brand of a renowned German tour operator.

Tourism, golf, human quality, great team (and more golf). I bet on because I trust every single person who is part of the project.

When I play golf I feel...

That everything fits together: the nature of the environment, my focused mind, the people I play with. It's my time to switch off and challenge myself to improve with each shot.

My handicap is....

I will tell you when I reach 17.

My favourite destination to play is....