Hotel Bordoy Continental Valldemossa

Carretera Ma- 10 Km 68,3, S/N · Baleares · España




Hotel Bordoy Continental Valldemossa is an hotel completely refurbished formerly known as Hotel El Encinar Valldemosa. Situated 398 metres above sea level, Hotel Continental Valldemossa offers spacious gardens spread on terraces; bay windows and charming corners to celebrate special moments, the perfect place for falling in love with the Mediterranean over and over again.

The location ofHotel Continental Valldemossa in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountain Range, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, allows visitors to enjoy an experience that combines the sea and mountains; heritage and culture; and history and traditional architecture.

The authentic essence of Majorca lives through this beautiful hotel in Valldemossa, which is now completely refurbished to ensure guests a very satisfactory stay where you can enjoy views of the sea from your suites, outdoor pool with sunbathing area, our restaurant à la carte with terrace, free Wi-Fi and a sense of calmness once enjoyed by famous personalities such as the Archduke Luis Salvador, Frédéric Chopin and George Sand.